Welcome to We Are Just Us

The evolution from "me" to "we" with the realization that we are all enough... JUST as we are.


We Are Just Us was formed with the intention to create space for us to feel seen, heard, and valued. We Are Just Us is designed to be a space where everyone feels comfortable, loved, supported, and allowed to truly show up just as we are, as our most authentic selves, HOWEVER we are in the current moment. My hope is that by doing so we all expand our own individual expression of consciousness and co-create a space of further evolution and magic.

🌎 What Do We Believe? 🌍

🌟 We believe in you as you are a part of the "we."  

🌟 We believe that you are never alone. 

🌟 We believe that you matter, that your voice matters and is necessary and needed on the planet... AND we would love to have you really experience and really know that.

And how do we do that? By living by Our Values:

🌟to embrace our authenticity, creativity and vulnerability

🌟 to be seen, heard, accepted, and loved just as we are and to know that that is  and will always be enough

🌟 to deepen our awareness of self and others with empathy and compassion

🌟to recognize, grow and develop our conscious understanding of our interconnection with curiosity and wonder

🌎 What You Can Expect 🌍

Daily activities and a loving and beautiful community. We have two active rooms: 

🎨 The Art Roomfocused on exploring our unique connection to creativity through what our host Marva Midkiff likes to call "A Life Creating" 

✍️The Writers Room: intentionally designed to help us embrace our authenticity through the mediumship of writing

We have also just launched the first of our Group Journeys


We turn to ourselves and our bodies with:


We focus on loving and accepting ourselves in all of our authenticity with:

What Will You Get from our Group Journey's

We will interact every single day with 15-min sessions that include the following:

  • ✨Carefully designed micro-challenges to safely facilitate personal growth beyond our boundaries

  • ✨Affirmations to solidify our awareness and intention

  • ✨Journal prompts to inspire profound insights and personal revelations

  • ✨Regular reflections to enhance the journey


And the best part? A loving community to move through the process together. This is really where the magic all happens.❤️

Absolutely free to join as we strongly believe that this is what the world needs now, more than ever.

Join us to find out more... we would love to share space with you as you realize and deepen in the fact that you are enough... just as you are right now in this current moment, this current breath.... 

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