Welcome to We Are Just Us

The evolution from "me" to "we" with the realization that we are all enough... JUST as we are.


We Are Just Us was formed with the intention to create space for us to feel seen, heard, and valued. We Are Just Us is designed to be a space where everyone feels comfortable, loved, supported, and allowed to truly show up just as we are, as our most authentic selves, HOWEVER we are in the current moment. My hope is that by doing so we all expand our own individual expression of consciousness and co-create a space of further evolution and magic.

🌎 Our Purpose Statement 🌎 

That we are all enough JUST as we are. Β We are a supportive space where we can bring our real authentic selves while at the same time grow into the best version of ourselves through creativity, intentionality, compassion, journaling and community. We come as we are and through healing and loving ourselves, we make the world a better place.Β 

We are a community of loving listeners, courageous seekers and creative explorers. Β 

In this community you are enough, you are valued, you are safe and you are heard. Β We celebrate our Unity by being accountable to ourselves and our community. Β 

We believe in our collective wisdom. Β We believe that we are stronger and more efficient together.

Our intention is to support each other on our unique journeys. Β We believe that each of us has a path of self discovery and a story that is waiting to be heard. Β As we walk our path and tell our story our discoveries serve the greater good.

🌎 What Do We Believe? 🌍

🌟We believe in us - our collective wisdom, supportive awareness as we navigate life's lessons

🌟 We believe in you as you are a part of the "we."  

🌟 We believe that you are never alone. 

🌟 We believe that you matter, that your voice matters and is necessary and needed on the planet... AND we would love to have you really experience and really know that.

And how do we do that? By living by Our Values:

🌟 We know that we are all whole just as we are - there is nothing wrong with us and nothing that needs to be be fixed

🌟 We embrace our authenticity, creativity and vulnerability

🌟 We are seen, heard, accepted, and loved just as we are and to know that that is  and will always be enough

🌟 We deepen our awareness of self and others with empathy and compassion

🌟 We recognize, grow and develop our conscious understanding of our interconnection with curiosity and wonder

🌟 We are loving listeners with compassion and acceptance. We realize we don't need to "solve" or give advice - to just hold space, witness and love the person who is sharing, and we forgive ourselves if we inadvertently do give advice

🌟We are compassionate and forgiving with ourselves and others

🌎 What You Can Expect 🌍

Daily activities and a loving and beautiful community. We have a few active rooms

🎨 The Art Room: focused on exploring our unique connection to creativity through what our host Marva Midkiff likes to call "A Life Creating" 

✍️The Community Planning Room: open to anyone who would like to participate in the co-shaping and the co-creating of this space.

πŸ’ƒπŸ»The Akasha Records Room:Β where all things about www.theakasharecords.com will be revealed

Absolutely free to join as we strongly believe that this is what the world needs now, more than ever.

Come on inside find out more... we would love to share space with you as deepen into the fact that you are enough... just as you are right now.

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